Re: Cohousing Needs Volunteer Reference Librarian!
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Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 16:39:26 -0700 (PDT)
On 4/16/2010 Sally Thompson posted to cohousing-L
Subject: Cohousing Needs Volunteer Reference Librarian!
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>The pearls of wisdom
>that have been shared by those that have been there and done that
>have been invaluable, so I've saved practically every List Serve
>submission for years! Trouble is ... that we don't have time to search
>for those pearls as well as samples of legal documents

>... if someone wants to do us and other forming Communities a BIG Favor and
>become the organizer of List Serve dialogues and Legal Document samples by
>topic that we can refer to as we need them, I know we would not be the only
>group that could benefit greatly.

I'm glad you've found cohousing-L useful.  There is indeed much useful
in the archives.

For many years we have talked about the need to make sharing documents
easier but so far have not accomplished this. A few years ago we set
up a wiki -- ( like Wikipedia tho much
smaller ) where documents could be organized and noteworthy
cohousing-L threads could be described and made accessible. This could
be done collaboratively without with anyone editing the wiki.

There is access to some documents and threads there but we
failed to create a sustainable project.  In part learning to edit was a
challenge and we just did not find enough people to work on it.

Maybe it would work if we got a core of people to actually create and
edit wiki pages and a larger group who emailed edited articles to the
wiki core.

Fred, listserv manager,

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