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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2021 12:41:08 -0700 (PDT)
I'll be the weird contrarian and say we're happy with our ancient Jackson
commercial unit; 23 households, one or two common meals a week (pre-covid).

We bought this from a used restaurant equipment dealer 20 years ago and
it's probably turning 40 years old this year. Of course a year of cohousing
use is like a week in a restaurant, so no surprise that it's lasted. We
have been able to deal with the few problems ourselves (we've had a couple
of mechanically handy residents); we mostly maintain our own laundry
appliances as well.

I think most of us are fond of the old beast and of the team aspect of
keeping it fed during meals cleanup. Ours only takes 5-10 minutes to get
steamed up, isn't too loud, and does a load in 90 seconds.

I'm not saying I'd recommend against home dishwashers when this one finally
gives up the ghost, but it's kind of a community member now :)

Duwamish Cohousing, Seattle

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> > Can anyone recommend (or advise against) their commercial dishwasher? I
> checked the archives but the posts all seem to be 10 or 15 years old. This
> is for a community of 36 homes.
> As Joanie says, the discussion is old, but long and nothing has changed.
> Sanitizers are big, loud, and not easy for everyone to use. And service
> also has to be done a commercial service so you are competing with every
> restaurant in the area. I seem to remember that they charged $300 just to
> come out.
> We replaced our Hobart with two highend Kitchenaids and have never looked
> back. Everyone knows how to use a dishwasher. Any of hundreds of service
> people can install and fix them if ever required. They are all but silent.
> And we never have dishes sitting around waiting for someone to fire up the
> sanitizer. (Heating the water takes an hour.)
> We also switched from Fiestaware to Corell because it fit better. Maybe a
> few times we had dishes left for anther run after the two were loaded but
> only because they were super large celebration dinners. 43 households, and
> about 30 people at a meal?
> Sharon
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