Re: design review
From: Marya S. Tipton (
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:59:33 -0700 (MST)
Thanks to everyone for all the advice on design review. I guess a little 
common sense goes a long way - measure twice, cut once, as the old
carpenter's saying goes.
I forwarded all your valuable comments to the rest of the group. It's advice
from you pioneers that paves the way for us newbies, and I just want to say
that it is deeply appreciated.
My husband, our construction manager (Robert Heaps from Heartbeat Cities)
and another fellow from the group just flew down to the Deltec in plant in
N.C. to get a better idea of what they have to offer.
These next few months are going to be intense. We have to have our design
done by February.
Thanks again,
Marya Tipton
Hundredfold Farm
Orrtanna, PA
A Place to Grow!
>From: "Bitner/Stevenson" <lilbert [at]>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <cohousing-l [at]>
>Subject: Re: design review
>Date: Thu, Dec 16, 1999, 1:33 AM

> My two cents, as usual:
> Our houses started out looking all the same. In addition, we require
> everyone to choose from a palette of only five colors that go together well
> for the exterior of the house. If anyone wants to make changes to the
> exterior of their house,(aside from changing their own landscaping or other
> minor changes) there is a design review process that takes some weeks to go
> through. These things were decided before I joined the group, and when I
> joined I thought the whole color scheme thing was a bit severe. I'm much
> more inclined toward the individual choice scenario.
> After six years of living here, I'm more tolerant of the decisions being
> made as a group. I'm quite certain that having a color palette to choose
> from avoids conflict in the group. I have a neighbor whose color choices
> would probably not suit me at ALL(are you reading this, Pam?;). I haven't
> heard of any other group requiring certain colors, but most don't live in
> the very close proximity that we do, as well as in an historical
> neighborhood that would look tacky with garish colors.
> As for the houses being all alike, they look much more individual now, as do
> any group of homes inhabited by different people for very long. As it turns
> out, most of the changes that people have wanted have been approved, and
> those that weren't, were turned down for good reasons.
> The cost savings is huge when everyone builds at the same time with the same
> plans and the same materials. It is hard for some of the more well-off to
> make compromises in finishes, etc., but our priority in this community was
> cost savings and inclusion of those who were not so well off. I'm so glad
> that I have the same house as the more affluent members of my group. My
> children don't know there's any difference, and that makes me much more
> comfortable living here. IMO, it's more in line with the ideals I'm trying
> to teach them, and with the whole idea of cohousing. As soon as a group
> decides to let everyone build their own, there are huge numbers of people
> who can no longer be in the community, and I find that disturbing.
> Liz Stevenson
> Southside Park Cohousing
> Sacramento, CA
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>>From: "Marya S. Tipton" <sundog [at]>
>>To: Multiple recipients of list <cohousing-l [at]>
>>Subject: Re: design review
>>Date: Wed, Dec 15, 1999, 11:39 PM
>> Dear Kate,
>> We are just starting our design process here at Hundredfold.
>> One thing we are considering is that the more we do the same, the less
>> expensive everything will be for everyone because of economies of scale.
>> Originally, I had envisioned everyone having their own style house. Once we
>> realized that ordering in bulk, whether it be windows, plumbing fixtures or
>> even hiring a contractor, can really cut costs.
>>>From  my point of view, if someone in the community can afford to build a
>> home completely different from everyone else's, then they should go for it.
>> But it just makes sense to do as much as possible to reduce costs. People
>> can express their individuality in other ways, like exterior paint, trim and
>> landscaping.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Peace,
>> Marya
>> Hundredfold Farm
>> Orrtanna, PA
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>>>From: NKaten947 [at]
>>>To: Multiple recipients of list <cohousing-l [at]>
>>>Subject: design review
>>>Date: Wed, Dec 15, 1999, 5:34 PM
>>> I was wondering how design review works for other cohousing groups?  My
>>> concern would be that it would inhibit or restrict any individuality.  We
>>> a condominium so there are limited common areas such as decks & porches that
>>> the group is responsible to maintain.  But I was hoping for a village with
>>> all the eccentricity it can offer.  thank you, Kate Nichols, Bellingham
>>> Cohousing

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