Ecovillage Develoment in Ecuador
From: balaji (
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 07:24:52 -0700 (PDT)
This is Charles Nuckolls, coordinator of the Utah Valley Commons
(, and, at the moment, advisor to a study abroad
program in the Amazonian jungle of eastern Ecuador.

The study abroad program is directed by an Arizona State professor, who
owns 1200 acres on the shores of the Napo River -- a beautiful area of
protected rainforest with abundant natural resources.  Every summer around
50 students from around the United States join the program for eight weeks
of language study and research.  Todd, the director, is thinking of
developing a sustainability program, possibily with a focus on ecovillage
development.  To me, as an anthropologist, it represents an exciting
possibility, and I am posting to the list to solicit advice.

We seek a Spanish-speaking individual with sustainability training, who
would be willing to act as a consultant (or perhaps more) over the course
of several months or years.  Compensation is negotiatable, but would,
eventually, be tied to student fees and participation.  There is abundant
land for horticulture and/or organic farming; abundant water resources
(the site is right on the fast-flowing Napo River, a tributary of the
Amazon); and abundant solar possibililties.  The already established
nature of the study abroad program, and its affiliation with Arizona State
University, make us think the sustainbility initiatie would be a great

Anyway, please do let me know if you, or someon you know, might be

I am in eastern Ecuador now, and return to Utah next week.  Please use
this email address for contact.

Thanks very much!

Charles W. Nuckolls
Department of Anthropology
Brigham Young University

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