site & plans = less interest in associate status?
From: Kristi Barlow (
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 15:10:54 -0700 (PDT)

Here at Brooklyn Cohousing we have noticed a curious thing since we announced our site and completed designs and have pretty good unit price estimates. People are much less likely to become associates now, they tend to hover outside the group for a meeting or two, look at plans in person, take the price info home and make their decision without ever becoming an associate. Is this other people's experience? We are frustrated, feel we need people to take the step to associate before deciding, so they have the knowledge of the group and people as part of their decision. We used to say "join as an associate to get the plans and the prices", but stopped doing that after people found it off-putting and secretive. Is that a mistake, is it better to require people to join as associates before getting more detailed information? We also hear a lot "oh, I'm not interested in being an associate, it is membership or nothing for me".

By the way, the prices are certainly the reason some people do not move forward, but in many cases that appears not to be the case, people are weighing other factors in their lives which lead them not to decide this is what they want to do. So frustrating, since it is involvement as an associate that might change their assessment of what's important to them.


thanks from Brooklyn, where the stakes are high to get the rest of our members quickly,

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