Re: CH TV + Simple Wins [was common house kitchen stove
From: R Philip Dowds (
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 03:30:51 -0700 (PDT)
Actually, No.  Passenger vehicles, for obvious safety reasons, are mostly 
designed to the same control patterns and operational standards.  But 
everything else is either complicated, individuated, or both.  Bicycles now 
have a nominal 21 speeds, but few riders work out the seven-speed combo that is 
optimum for his/her strength and usage.  Even simple point-and-shoot cameras 
have algorithms most people never understand or master, never mind the 
differing menu structures.  On any given day, the bookstore has dozens of 
interesting new titles — and a month later, it still has dozens, but they're 
all different.  Try to buy a box of cereal at the supermarket: You have 60 to 
80 alternatives, depending on the size of the store.  My desktop computer has 
thousands of capacities and options, only a fraction of which I will ever learn 
— and my neighbors think I'm a "power user".

So welcome to America in the 21st century:  Land of more choice than we can 
manage.  Maybe one of the good things about cohousing is offers a social life 
focus of manageable scale, given that the range of social/cultural options 
offered by modern city life is virtually incomprehensible.  Do we really need 
the choice of 45 hammers at Home Depot, or of 35 vacuum cleaners at Walmart — 
or, for that matter, of 25,000 potential friends in Cambridge, Massachusetts?


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