Re: cohousing in semi-rural Minnesota near cities
From: Amy taylor (
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 13:17:44 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Joelyn, 
I've heard about Monterey, and I'd like to come to a meeting and talk to 
people, as well as put something in your newsletter. Very cool!

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> Subject: Re: [C-L]_ cohousing in semi-rural Minnesota near cities
> Amy, this sounds like an interesting venture.
> Monterey Cohousing (in St. Louis Park MN) has a monthly newsletter we send 
> out to people who have attended our quarterly informational sessions on 
> Cohousing, and others who have subscribed. We've offered to list other 
> communities that are seeking members. Send your request to 
> mholt952[@]gmail[.]com and he will post it in the newsletter.
> Also - we have an open house coming up this Thursday, April 18th - you might 
> be interested in coming. See our web site, 
> Joelyn Malone
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> > 
> > Hello to everyone,
> > My partner and I are care-taking a 50 acre wooded property with a large 
> > house already built on it that I am looking to start a community on. We are 
> > just beginning to take stock of our options for the future and it looks 
> > like a cohousing situation would be a good fit, as well as an exciting 
> > adventure! We are located so close to the city that it would be possible 
> > for members to commute daily, perhaps carpool? In addition, a there is a 
> > mid-sized, progressive college town nearby with interesting arts and music 
> > happenings year-round. We seem to have a theme of arts and music here, as 
> > well as gardening and hospitality, and a creative, experimental attitude. 
> > I'm finding the listserve posts here interesting and mostly encouraging!
> > Right now we are starting very small, and have some rooms available to 
> > rent, the price being negotiable as we are willing to barter(there are lots 
> > of chores and projects to do!). I hope to make space for, and possibly 
> > build some small cabins this summer that could eventually become year-round 
> > living spaces. It would be a great spot for anyone looking to live close to 
> > nature, pursuing an art or craft, wildcrafting, gardening, etc. I am hoping 
> > to host workshops on such things for the local communities, so there would 
> > be an opportunity for income through teaching as well.
> > Please look us up on facebook! If you like the page you can keep updated on 
> > what we do and events we'll be hosting. Or feel free to contact me through 
> > this listserve email. 
> > Thanks everyone and have a good day!
> > Amy Taylor
> > Windfall Art Farm
> > Webster, Minnesota
> > 952-652-2296
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