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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 08:10:30 -0700 (PDT)
I thought we were the only ones :-) " The head cook plans the menu,
shops and pays for the food, and then eats free the rest of the cycle."
Money-free community dinners work well for us too.

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015, 8:24 PM Richard L Kohlhaas <rlkohl [at]>

>           Community  Meals  at Casa Verde Commons, Colorado Springs, CO
> Since we moved in (2003), we have had community meals twice a week
> (Sundays, and alternating Tues, Weds and Thurs evenings).  The
> Sunday meals alternate between brunch and evening meal.  Currently, only
> one-half of families participate; some sign up for only
> half the meals, and some may drop out for a cycle or two.  A three-person
> team does the scheduling, coordination, and pantry
> maintenance .
> We have four-person crews: during one cycle (about 3.5 months), EACH
> (adult) participant MUST be head cook once, assistant cook
> once, and on cleanup two times.  Sometimes two people will sign up for all
> four jobs (two times).  The head cook plans the menu,
> shops and pays for the food, and then eats free the rest of the cycle.
> This minimizes cash handling and accounting.
> Non-participating residents (strictly limited) and guests pay $5 per meal,
> with $3 going to the head cook and $2 to the pantry
> fund.  (Guests of the cook are not charged.)  The pantry is additionally
> financed with about one-third of our $5/adult/month
> community dues, and is stocked with spices, rice, pasta, flours,
> condiments, lentils, beans, butter, cooking oil, coffee, tea,
> etc. The cook can draw on this as needed.  Food is usually served
> cafeteria-style.  If necessary, the cook will prepare a
> vegetarian dish and offer gluten-free items.
> The schedule for a new cycle (after the number of those participating is
> determined) is posted.  Participants mark the schedule
> when they CANNOT do a cooking or cleanup task; the meal coordinator then
> assigns the tasks.
> The menu is usually published before the meal by the head cook.  There is
> a "permanent" meal sign-up list; persons who will not
> be eating and any guests are urged to so-mark the list at least three days
> before the meal so the cook can plan quantities.
> The head cook has first choice of any leftovers, and may offer them to the
> other diners.  Very little is wasted.  If a
> participant will miss a mealtime, they can ask another participant to pick
> up a "late plate" for them.
> The system works well.  The food is usually very good to excellent. There
> is a variety of cuisines and very rarely has a meal
> been more than 15 minutes late, and very few have been missed-usually due
> to illness.
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