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I like this idea of a celebration.  My upbringing and adult experience in
creating gatherings is to be limited by the number of people who can lift a
fork within a given space.  The number of chairs would not be a
consideration.  But I do have a good  friend who always selects guests by
how many can sit down for a formal dinner.  Very different approaches and
desired outcomes.  We both usually have a good time at each others parties,


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With Thanksgiving, What would my family do?

Well, the tables were for the food and people sat everywhere -- windowsills,
bunkbeds, floors, front porch, back stairs. The children under 4 might sit
at a table or in  highchairs so they wouldn't spill. But the idea of tables
and chairs for everyone was not even a consideration.

We included inlaws and outlaws so it got big. No one was ever turned away.
The turkey gets cooked in the kitchen but everything else is pot luck.

Obviously what I want is a recreation of an extended family -- some you love
and some you don't but they are still family and welcome.

What measures do other people do? How do you know what feels right?


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